What I Gained From a Month of Meditating

Back in July I downloaded the Headspace app and would occasionally do one of the short meditations before bed. I quickly began to notice a major difference on the nights that I would meditate and they following day. I knew that I would benefit from it even more if I made it a habit to spend a few minutes a day going through one of the guided meditations. In August I set a goal to be more habitual about nightly meditations and while I made it most of the month I still missed a few days. When September rolled around I was determined to meditate every day so after getting ready for bed each night I would get settled into bed and begin one of the in-app meditations.IMG_2940.PNGMy determination and eagerness to focus on my health this month paid off as I fit in a meditation all 30 days. Before using the app I had tried meditating a few times before and was never really a fan or could feel any significant impact. But since using Headspace consistently ( I am at 38 days in a row now!) I have noticed a major difference.

Better Sleep

The first thing I noticed after I began using Headspace to meditate was how much better I was sleeping. After meditating I am able to quickly fall asleep (sometimes I barely make it through the meditation before dozing off). Not only do I easily fall asleep, but I am able to stay asleep longer throughout the night. I used to wake up restless or unable to fall back asleep consistently. But now I am usually able to comfortably sleep through the night.


I am someone who is easily distracted. I struggle to concentrate on any one task and I can also easily become overwhelmed by too many thoughts running through my mind. Since meditating regularly I have noticed that I am able to handle these distractions and thoughts with a bit more ease. The intro meditations help you to learn how to let your thoughts come and go rather than trying to stop and control each thought. This really helps me remain focused and let distractions pass throughout the day.

Mental Health (Stress)

Not only has meditating helped me with my focus but it has also improved my overall mental health. When I meditate consistently I notice that my mood tends to be more steady and balanced and my thoughts are emotions are a little bit more steady as well. Now I can’t say that meditation is a cure for anxiety, panic, and depression but I know several people who have said that it has helped them. So if that is something you struggle with, give meditation a try and see if you notice any differences.

Physical Health

My physical health has also benefited from consistent meditation. Now that I am sleeping better, am able to stay focused and have more balance moods and emotions, I have more energy and determination to eat right and exercise regularly. It has helped me have a better attitude about taking  care of my body making it much easier to get to the gym in the morning.

Whether you feel any of these areas need improvement in your life or you think could benefit from some over all relaxation, I absolutely recommend trying Headspace. You can download the app for free which comes with access to 10 basic meditations as well as sample of a few other more specific meditation (anxiety, sleep, focus, etc.).

This past month of meditating has made such a difference and I know I will continue to use the app consistently!

*This post is not sponsored or affiliated by/with Headspace. All opinions are my own.

Feature Photo: Headspace

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