Lands End

Lands End Lookout_0303Last week I shared some highlights from our San Francisco trip but today I wanted to share a bit more about our first day in the city. We got into San Francisco fairly early so we had some time to kill before heading to the hotel to check in. As soon as we got our rental car we headed straight for Lands End. We hadn’t planned on visiting Lands End until the next day but the weather was beautiful and after spending so long on planes and in airports I think we were both anxious for some fresh air.Lands End Lookout_0318With breathtaking views of the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge it was the perfect way to kick off our trip. We spent close to two hours exploring the trails and enjoying the beautiful views.Lands End Lookout_0304This was definitely one of my favorite events of our trip. It just felt so refreshing and relaxing to be walking along Oceanside trails on such a beautiful day.Lands End Lookout_0314While there are several places to go visit to get great views of the bridge I would definitely recommend this one. It wasn’t at all crowded and was such a peaceful setting. If you want to visit a great spot to view the bridge during a trip to SF, this should definitely make your list!Lands End Lookout_0316After exploring Lands End we headed to Nopalito for lunch which was just a short drive away. I talked a little bit about our meal here. It was definitely one of our favorites of the trip. We loved it so much that we honestly considered going back a second time. The rest of the afternoon we spent getting settled and took an evening walk to the Ferry Building. It was the perfect start to our San Francisco trip!IMG_4319There is still so much to share from our trip so check back next week for more highlights!

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