East Coast Dreaming

The East Coast has been on my mind lately. Maybe it is seeing everyone’s pictures from the Cape and Nantucket this summer or maybe it’s that we just booked our trip to Maine. Regardless, I am anxious to be back on the coast and have been looking through photos of my trip to Connecticut in the mean time. DSC_0555I have always been drawn to the East Coast. Even though I am from the West Coast, there is just something about the New England area that seems so fitting for me. Before ever even visiting I knew it seemed like the perfect place or me, and then my first trip in high school pretty much sealed the deal.DSC_0581DSC_0540From that short week in DC I knew that eventually I wanted to move to the New England area. It wasn’t until my next trip 6 years later that I was sold. I took a trip to Connecticut and absolutely fell in love. It didn’t hurt that is was peak foliage and absolutely breathtaking, but in general everything was so charming and quaint.DSC_0569Andrew and I will eventually be moving out of Nebraska once he begins residency (in a few years) and I drop hints about New England on the regular. Luckily he is on board too as there are several great options for him in that region. But for now, we have 5 more years in Nebraska so I will have to rely on photos and memories until we visit again.DSC_0573We are both really looking forward to our upcoming trip to Maine. We will be visiting in October, right around peak foliage and I cannot wait to see what spectacular views are in store for us. Neither of us have been before and I know it will be so much fun to explore a different part of the coast. Maine was actually one of the first places Andrew and I discussed wanting to visit when we first met 6 years ago. I am so excited that we get to take this trip together now as a married couple and during my favorite season none the less!

If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! We will mostly be visiting the Portland/Kennebunkport area with a day trip to Bar Harbor.

All of the photos in this post are from my trip to Connecticut last fall. For a few other highlights from my Connecticut trip you can visit here and here!

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