Nightly Routine

Nightly Routine_0016.JPGIn March I decided to make a serious effort to get my morning and nightly routines in order. I knew that consistency would be beneficial for my sleep, stress, and mental and physical health. So for the past 2 months I have been trying to stick to a routine each night and I have noticed a major difference in my quality of sleep, energy levels throughout the day, and overall mood.

Essential OilsNightly Routine_2145 - Version 2.JPGA few months ago I started using essential oils (you can read about my experience here). It has made such a difference in my quality of sleep and is now a part of my nightly routine.

ReadingNightly Routine_0018.JPGI try my best to disconnect and avoid screens 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. It helps to shut out distraction. The best way for me to do this is to read. Its a good way to relax and disconnect from my phone and computer.

TeaNightly Routine_0007.JPGTea before bed is one of my favorite parts of the day. About an hour before I’d like to fall asleep I brew some Sleepytime tea and settle into bed. I usually sip on my tea as I am reading. The combination of this soothing tea, no screen time and a good book helps me to relax.

MeditationNightly Routine_0004.JPGThe last thing I do before trying to fall asleep is meditate with the Headspace App. After reading and having a cup of tea this is the final step in relaxing and unwinding for the night. It is so helpful in shutting out distractions and calming your mind and body. Some days it is so relaxing that I fall asleep before the meditation track is even over. I know that defeats the purpose of meditation but if it helps me sleep, I don’t mind.

Having this nightly routine has become so important for me. Sticking to it helps my body to shut down every night and realize that its time for bed. On the nights I don’t follow this routine I notice a major difference in the quality of sleep I get. This is just one little way I focus on self care each and every day.

8 thoughts on “Nightly Routine

  1. Diffusing lavender essential oil really changed how deeply I sleep, it’s actually amazing!
    These are great habits, and props to you for focusing on your health!
    I’d really like to adopt your no screen time policy. I think that would help me a lot.

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