Fall Foliage in Connecticut

These past weekend I spent 4 days in Connecticut an we were lucky enough to be there during the peak of fall foliage. I knew the views would be beautiful, but WOW, I mean every bend in the road resulted in a gasp as we took in the breathtaking views.


After flying into the Hartford we decided to take our time on the drive into Washington Depot, CT. We made a few stops along the way each time we came across  beautiful location.


With each stop the colors became richer and more vibrant. I had never seen anything like it. There was a perfect combination of bright leaves covering the ground and full and beautiful trees creating beautiful scenes from ground to sky.


Our original flight was supposed to arrive to Hartford by noon but due to some flight delays we didn’t arrive until 4PM. At first we were disappointed that we would be missing out on a few extra hours of exploring but it turned out that arriving at 4 was perfect timing. On our drive to Washington Depot we came across a beautiful water front about 20 minutes from Hartford. It was lined with colorful foliage and fog was rising from the trees and water. This scene made our 4 hour delay worth every minute.

Connecticut Oct 20161.jpg

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