Living Room Re-Do

Andrew and I have lived together for over a year now and I have done very little to the house to make it my own. Other than moving in my clothes and books, changing the bedding, and adding items to the kitchen nothing has really changed.

When I get time to myself I like to sit out in the living room while I read or watch a movie on the couch or chair. Its my favorite place to curl up but the other day I was in the living room and realized how much I disliked the style of the room itself.

The house has always had a very masculine feel to it. Not in a bachelor pad way but in a formal study/man cave kind of way. Not only that but the shelves were filled with random knick-knacks and objects that just didn’t seem to serve a purpose or hold any meaning to either of us. I gathered these items up to get rid of and made a list of a few things I wanted to change.

I love a nicely decorated room as much as the next person but I don’t like decorating with objects that don’t have a purpose, meaning, or value. So we got rid of all of the random objects and clutter throughout the room and the metal piece that hung above the couch and traded it out for items that we love.

We did a 3 piece installment above the couch of photos from trips we have been on (including Connecticut, Muir Woods, and St. Helena). Mementos from past trips and treasured books fill the shelves along with a wedding album on an end table.


Without the excessive clutter and finally having up our own art the room looks so great.   When it comes to decorating I want our house to be simple and filled with items that mean something to us. I think the living room is now a perfect example of that.I love the living room even more now and can’t wait to tackle the rest of the house!

*Frames from Michaels (after a few failed attempts of ordering frames from other retailers we had a great experience with Michaels. Definitely going to be using them for future framing projects!!)

Next Room Re-Do: Master Bedroom & Dining Room

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