How to Keep Your White Sneakers Clean

White Sneakers_1042First, I have to confess I have an obsession with white sneakers. I think it started when I was little. Every summer we would get a new pair of Keds or K. Swiss and I was always so excited. I love the versatility and they are so great for spring, summer and even fall. For years in my adult life I held off on getting a pair because I can barely handle white jeans so white shoes sounded like a big risk. I finally decided to try a pair a few years ago people always ask me how I manage to keep them looking brand new so today I’m sharing my secrets!

  1. Protect: When I get a new pair of shoes before wearing them I make sure that I spray them with a leather or fabric protector. This helps reduce the risk of irreversible stains. For fabrics like canvas I use ScotchGard and for leather shoes I use this Kiwi All-protector.
  2. Spot Treat: I always carry around shout wipes and of course baby wipes which are both great for quickly fixing a small stain. Magic-erasers also work great for treating scuffs on white soles.
  3. Clean: For canvas shoes I soak them in cold water mixed with the Laundress Bleach Alternative overnight. Then I wash them in a delicates bag by themselves (or with another white pair) and air dry. This method works so well, they come out looking good as new! Leather shoes can be a bit trickier to clean (you obviously don’t want to throw them in the wash) so spot treating and wiping down after each wear is key. And you can also use this leather-safe cleaner to clean them up.

So now that you have these tips to keep white sneakers clean, don’t why away from getting a pair and wearing them proudly! They are one of my favorite spring/summer styles and now I hope you will enjoy them too!

Here are a few of my favorite styles! Pictured above from bottom to top: Converse Shoreline Sneaker, Cole Haan GrandPro Sneaker, Tretorn Nylite Sneakers. A few others I’m loving: Leopard Keds, Veja Leather Sneakers, Leopard Scallop Trim Sneakers, Classic Supergas, Sperry Sneakers.



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