Why You Should Take a Foliage Trip

Connecticut Foliage 1Fall has always been my favorite season even as a child. I remember my mom would curate the perfect front door décor with hay bales, corn stalks and pumpkins galore. Our house would be filled with the scent of fall candles or whichever delicious fall treat my mom was baking that week (her pumpkin bars being my favorite).

The weather in Nebraska is most agreeable in the fall (at least in my opinion) but otherwise, Fall here is nothing spectacular. The trees here get a few short bursts of color but usually, the leaves fall to the ground before reaching those beautiful fall colors you see in pictures.Connecticut Foliage LeavesI had always dreamed of someday living somewhere that Fall is breathtaking. Then a trip to Connecticut last October pretty much sealed the deal. Fall is magical. After that quick trip to Connecticut I was determined to plan another foliage trip for the following year (we are heading to Maine TOMORROW!) and I am already thinking of a trip next year too (I know… “Slow down, Taylor”).Connecticut Foliage 2Connecticut Foliage 4If you haven’t yet experienced the beauty of true fall foliage, you should definitely consider taking a trip if you are able to do so (if not I am going to flood this post with pictures so you feel like you did!). Andrew wasn’t with me in Connecticut last year so he doesn’t quite understand why I am so obsessed with experiencing this beautiful phenomenon again, but I can’t wait for him to experience the foliage in Acadia while we are in Maine. Clearly I am determined to convert everyone into a Fall Foliage Lover like myself.Connecticut Foliage 3Connecticut Foliage Leaves 2If you still aren’t sold on the idea of a Foliage Trip, here are a few reasons you should go:

Beautiful Scenery

Truly this is the main reason to take a foliage trip. The scenery is breathtaking. On my trip to Connecticut, my mother-in-law and I were literally “ooo-ing” and “ah-ing” at every turn. It is one thing to see it in pictures but to actually be there and experience the beauty is quite wonderful.

Ideal Weather

While you can absolutely take in the scenery during a scenic drive, the cool temps of Fall are the perfect time to enjoy being outside to soak up all of nature’s beauty. Whether you are exploring a small New England town or trekking through a State or National Park, this is a beautiful time to get outside.

Seasonal Magic

September through December is filled with so much extra magic and joy from seasonal treats and festivals to holidays and celebrations.  So if the idea of beautiful foliage isn’t enough, consider the amazing food, festivals and activities to be discovered this time of year. Honestly what sounds better than sipping apple cider, enjoying a warm slice of pie or an apple cider donut while you soak up the beauty of Fall around you?

Hopefully now you are anxious to take a fall foliage trip of your own, or at the very least do more locally to enjoy this beautiful season! Here are some ideas of where to go for your fall foliage trip and you can also try to tackle this Fall Bucket List.


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