Fall Foliage Drive

Fall Foliage Drive 2017_1154During our time in Maine we spent our first two days exploring the coast. While the views and foliage were breathtaking we were anxious to see the kind of foliage that I was so lucky to stumble upon in Connecticut last year. We decided that rather than exploring more of the coast we would head inland and we decided to drive to the White Mountains in New Hampshire (you can read about our visit to the White Mountains here).Fall Foliage Drive 2017_1108We mapped out our route and were thrilled that it involved several back roads through quaint and charming New England towns filled with stunning views of the foliage.Fall Foliage Drive 2017_1138The drive to the New Hampshire was only supposed to take about 2 hours but I couldn’t resist pulling over several times to take in the amazing views.Fall Foliage Drive 2017_1144DSC_1150.JPGWe even stumbled upon this perfect covered bridge. Leaves were falling all around and it felt like the quintessential New England Fall moment.Fall Foliage Drive 2017_1158Fall Foliage Drive 2017_1156The above photos were from one of our favorite stops in Porter, Maine right before crossing the state line into New Hampshire. The colors were bright and beautiful and the river was glowing with reflections of the foliage.Fall Foliage Drive 2017_1171And the breathtaking views continued as we crossed into New Hampshire. This shot above is one of my favorites. It reminds me of the opening credits of ‘Gilmore Girls’. A quaint New England town, steeple and all, overlooking Crystal Lake.DSC_1242Taking a foliage drive was a wonderful way to spend our time in the Northeast. Everything is so beautiful this time of the year as the leaves start to change colors. If you have the chance to explore during this beautiful season  I absolutely recommend it (you can read my reasons why to take a fall foliage trip here). No matter where you are, take some time to enjoy this season!


7 thoughts on “Fall Foliage Drive

  1. These photos are so pretty! Definitely reminds me of New England weather. I’m so happy to have found your blog! I think we post really similar things because I am from Connecticut and love to post about the places my fiancé and I visit (like most recently, the coast of Maine!)


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