August Goals

Yay, it’s August! What is so exciting about August? Its one month closer to being Fall. Which means cool weather, sweaters, and cozy blankets. Its my favorite and I can’t wait. With another month comes another round of monthly goals and I must say, it only took me half of the year but I feel like last month was pretty successful (at least the parts that I could control).img_1432Normally I list my new monthly goals before reviewing how last month went but this time I am switching it up and sharing the review of July’s Goals first.

July Goals Review

  • No More Coffee Runs: Not a single coffee was purchased. NOT ONE. Andrew and I were at Whole Foods grabbing a few things to make for breakfast one morning and he offered to order coffee for us while I picked up the fruit, I politely declined (and early in the morning none the less). But I made it. I really want to keep this up and make my coffee at home more often, so I will be sharing some favorite coffee related recipes soon!
  • Paddle Board Yoga: This was a little out of my hands. We were planning a lake weekend for the end of July, but due to Andrew’s schedule we had to post-pone. So hopefully when we do go to the lake for a weekend I can give this a try! I haven’t given up on it yet!
  • No Eating Out: The goal was to make it the entire month without eating out for any meal or treat with the exception of a date night. I have to say that we did really good. We had our date night out and we did end up eating out two other nights due to dinner not turning out one night and me being sick another night. I still think that is pretty good though, only 3 meals out of 31 days… I think that is a success.

Summer Without Shopping: And as for my big summer goal to go all summer without shopping. It has been tough, especially with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on.  You can read more about why I decided on this challenge here.

Now for my August Goals

I am really focusing on health and wellness this month. As the summer is coming to an end I want to make sure that I am in a good routine once it starts to cool off and I am less motivated to leave my cozy bed for workouts every morning.

  • Drink More Water: Getting enough water is SO important. It plays a major roll in health and wellness and especially during these warmer weeks I need to make sure I am getting enough.
  • Eating Right: Its clear to me that there are certain foods that my body doesn’t process well and I want to make an effort to eat foods that will help nourish my body rather than work against it. While I am not making any major dietary changes I am going to make an effort to cut back on certain foods that I know cause problems for my body.
  • Meditate Before Bed: A few weeks ago I started using the headspace app before bed each night. After a few days of using the app I noticed I huge difference in the quality of sleep I was getting and lower stress and anxiety from day to day. This month I want to try to meditate every night before bed.

What are your goals this month and how to do stick to them?

11 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Go girl! Goals are hard to stick to and work on. (my down fall is I just plain forget I have a Health & Wellness sheet on the side of my fridge that I made, and each month I add four things I need to try and work on. I have a check list for all the things I try to complete each day: health food, exercise, prayer, and supplements I take. It helps when I can write on something for my goals and see it often. I also have a cleaning/organization sheet and I add one organizational goal per month.

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    1. Those are great goals, especially with 4th year approaching! You’ll have to keep me posted on interviews and where you guys think you’ll end up! We still have a few years before we get there but I’m anxious for it!


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