Motivational Monday: Back To School

This past week during a trip to Target I found myself wandering through the “Back to School” section… You guys, I haven’t been in school for over 2 years, but I love this time of year so much . Even in high school and college I would get excited to go shopping for school supplies. Maybe it’s due to my love of organizing, but picking out notebooks, folders and planners was truly exciting for me. All of my siblings are still in school (2 in college, 1 in high school, and 2 in junior high) and I am truly jealous that they will be starting school in a few weeks.

Even though I am not heading back to school in the coming weeks I get nostalgic this time of year and always think of it as a time to start fresh as I did for so many years growing up. “Back to school” always meant it was time for a new routine, refreshing your wardrobe, and setting new goals. I would start every school year with a fresh outlook and new hopes. I still try to do the same even now.

I focused my August goals on health and wellness as a way to establish a new routine and mindset knowing that it would effect all other areas of my life. So whether you are starting school this fall, sending the kiddos off to school or continuing your regular schedule or work/activities, use this as a time to update your goals, mindset and outlook.

I will be using my nostalgia to help motivate me to get organized and do some major fall cleaning around the house. I love using these changes of seasons as a way to encourage a fresh start. Back to school or not, I am ready for a change in routine!

6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Back To School

  1. I’ve always LOVED back to school! I am the same way, I love the new clothes and new notebooks and just getting organized. I haven’t been “back to school” in 4 years, but I am considering going back and getting a teaching certificate maybe when Jake starts residency.

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