Motivational Monday: Peace of Mind with Headspace

We all have days that we need to take a step back and do something for ourselves to help us relax, decompress, and just breathe. This can be difficult to do, especially when we are busy but it is so important that we do something to help us gain peace of mind and perspective. For me I usually try stepping outside for fresh air or to take a short walk, or even just sit down for a few minutes and read a good book or some inspirational quotes. But recently I found a new way that helps me gain a peace of mind and calmness that I haven’t been able to gain before.

On a whim one day in July I decided to download the Headspace app (an app for guided meditations) I was having a particularly rough day and just couldn’t seem to “calm down” and I thought maybe meditating would help. I had tried meditating in the past and never really felt like I could get the hang of it, but I had heard from a friend that Headspace was really helpful to them so I thought it would be worth a try.

After the first night I already knew I was going to love using Headspace. The first meditation was only 3 minutes long, but I already felt such a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. I continued using it for the rest of July (sporadically) and the nights that I would meditate before bed were such an improvement. Knowing that it was making a difference I made it one of my August Goals to meditate before bed each night. I was fairly consistent throughout the month, but not as much as I had hoped. So as of Sept. 1st I am going to try to make mediating a regular part of my routine.

After I started to use the app consistently I will share a bit more about my experience and how it has affected me, but for now I definitely recommend trying out the first 10 introductory meditations for free. Whether you are stressed, overwhelmed, need motivation or just want to achieve better peace of mind, Headspace is worth trying!

If you don’t think meditation is for you, thats’ ok! It isn’t for everyone, but consider taking a few minutes a day to step away from all distraction and just breathe. It is so important that we take a few minutes a day to focus on ourselves rather than our phones, TVs, computer, etc.

What to you do to gain peace of mind or de-stress?

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