A Summer Without Shopping

It is officially summer and I decided to take on a major challenge until the official start of fall. A summer without shopping.


I have never really been one who enjoys actually shopping. I quickly get bored going from store to store or looking through racks of clothes. My lack of interest in shopping unfortunately doesn’t keep me from ordering new clothes. Online shopping is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. I didn’t used to be this way at all. I would get a few new things at the beginning of spring/summer and then a few new things as the weather shifted in fall to get me through winter.

Then enter the blogging world. I started to discover blogs that showcased a sense of style and lifestyle that was particularly appealing to me. Seeing them in new outfits for every post, trip and occasion made me envious of their wardrobe and lifestyle. I hate admitting that, but it’s true. I started to find myself shopping WAY more than I should and feeling like I needed to have the latest and greatest for my blog. But that isn’t me. I have always liked having a basic

As I mentioned in this post last week, I want to get back on track to the original purpose I had in mind for Living Taylored. So to help with that, I am going June 21st- September 22nd without shopping or ordering anything new. In yesterday’s post I shared a quote and thoughts on appreciating what we already have. This summer I want to focus less on acquiring more “stuff” and spend more time appreciating what I have. During this summer without shopping I told myself that I am making the rule that I can’t order any new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I am stepping away from the idea that I need more to be more.

While there is nothing wrong with occasionally buying new clothes, I don’t want to be someone who constantly needs new everything. Despite what Kate from Lizzie McGuire taught me in grade school, it’s ok to be an “outfit repeater”.  I created Living Taylored to share and encourage a more simplistic way of living and making the most of what you have. I quickly fell away from that philosophy when I felt like I couldn’t compare to other bloggers.

After reflecting on the Purpose of Living Taylored I decided I wanted to get back on track. I don’t want to turn into something I am not just to help grow my blog.  My goal is not to create an image of a perfect and unattainable lifestyle. Instead I want to always be transparent and realistic; sharing my true life with those who read and follow along.

I’m not saying that those other lifestyles are bad or fake, I still enjoy following along with them and getting inspiration, beauty tips, and style ideas! It also isn’t about whether or not you have the money to spend on new clothes every week and take amazing trips through out the year. It is about enjoying and using what you have! I don’t want to rely on new clothes, home décor, and more “stuff” to make me happy, because it won’t.

I know a summer without shopping will help me re-evaluate the way I spend my time and money and help me focus on the more important things in life an appreciate what I already have.  In doing this I hope to start sharing more relatable posts and ideas on how to make the most out of what you have.

I hope that Living Taylored will be a form of inspiration to others in embracing a more simple lifestyle.

You can read more about the Purpose of Living Taylored here.

Thank you for following along!

18 thoughts on “A Summer Without Shopping

  1. This is such a great post! I love how relatable you are, Taylor! I am definitely trying to learn that I don’t constantly need to be buying new things. I haven’t bought anything latley and its honestly been nice to enjoy what I have.

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  2. Love your sites original purpose! As a blogger I agree I can get all caught up in that non-sense of always having the newest and greatest clothes. Guilty over here. I’ve realized when I get in those moods I need to take a step back and remember why I first started and what I originally loved about my blog which is writing and connecting with my readers as an everyday girl who’s just like them. That’s amazing you are taking a shopping break! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Love the realness of you and your blog!

    Katie | http://www.katieskronicles.org

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  3. I know that I am late to this post, but I am so thankful for your words here! I am definitely guilty of this–though you couldn’t tell from my Instagram because it seems those rare times I post a picture of myself I am almost ALWAYS wearing the same outfit…LOL! Anyway, I feel that I definitely need to cut back and design a schedule of when I can actually buy new things. I love that you took a “shopping fast”– I think that’s brilliant, though something I’ve never heard of doing.
    Thanks for sharing.

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