Motivational Monday: When You Need Inspiration

DSC_0322Lately I have been struggling to right these Monday posts. I go back and forth each week debating whether or not I should keep the “Motivational Monday” series going. I love the idea of starting the week out on a positive thought or quote, but sometimes its hard to find that inspiration to share.

I was viewing this as a reason to stop the series, but then I realized that is exactly why I should keep it going. If I am struggling to find a little inspiration or motivation on a Monday morning I know others might be as well. I started this series as a way to help others find a little bit of inspiration whether it be in a quote, a positive thought, or by sharing an enlightening article.

Inspiration is sometimes hard to find, but that doesn’t mean we should stop looking. I think that is what makes it so inspiring. The fact that it can come in the strangest forms or most unexpected moments giving us the motivation that we need to keep going. I try my best to hold on to that motivation when it comes along so that I can remember it later when I really need it. Inspiration may be hard to find somedays but there are ways that we can “bottle it up” to review when things are hard.

Quote Journal: I have a journal that I keep at home that I fill with quotes that I love. Whenever I need a little inspiration or positive reminder I will read through random pages of the journal and see what speaks to me.

Inspiration “Board”: I have several [private] boards saved on Pinterest that I save motivation and inspiration pieces to. Whether it is a board for health and wellness, a board of quotes, or a board of dreams and goals. I love saving new ideas and goals or looking through them when I need a little extra motivation. You don’t have to use Pinterest to create an inspiration “board” it could be an actual bulletin board in your room or office, a notebook full of thoughts, photos and articles, or a journal.

Gratitude or Happiness Journal: In addition to my Quote Journal I have a Gratitude Journal that I right in. It isn’t something that I right in everyday but I try to do it often. Some entries are long and detailed where as others are simply anecdotes and memories from the day. Not only do I find inspiration by writing in it and recalling the good in that day, but I also find inspiration and happiness by looking through old entries.

While inspirational moments can be fleeting and hard to come by, do what you can to harness that inspiration. Make a note, take a picture or save an encouraging article. Collect these thoughts to look back on when you are struggling and lack motivation. Know that you aren’t the only who can feel a little lost and unmotivated. Don’t let that lack of inspiration keep you from looking. When you take note of the things that inspire you, the inspiration you need is never far.

11 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: When You Need Inspiration

  1. I love your Motivational Monday posts! I think it’s a great way to start off the week on a positive note. And you’re right, we have to look for inspiration everywhere and some weeks are definitely harder than others! But keep it up! xo Bryn

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