July Goals

I am so glad it is July, that means one month closer to Fall. Yup, I am already anxious for cooler weather, warm drinks, and cozy sweaters. To be honest it wasn’t even officially Summer yet before I was thinking of all things fall. But I still plan to enjoy the days of summer that we have left! And as June is now at a close I want to say thank you to everyone who continues to read and follow along with Living Taylored. I had another great month with the site and I am so thankful for everyone who reads and continues to help me grow!


July Goals

  • No More Coffee Runs: I honestly don’t want to know the amount of money I probably spend on coffee runs. Whether it is over my lunch break, on my way home after work, or just for fun on the weekends, I need to cut back. We even have a coffee station at home so there is really no reason why I can’t make fun coffee drinks myself.
  • Paddle Board Yoga: This goal has “not likely” written all over it, but I am still going to give it a try. I love yoga but I have never really been good at paddle boarding so this could be interesting. We are hoping to spend a weekend at the lake this month so I am hoping to give it a try one morning while we are there. Given my extreme lack of coordination this may be dangerous… but I am excited to try something new. I better start doing regular yoga again just to get ready… 2 goals in 1!
  • No Eating Out: We have been doing way to much of this lately. I don’t even really enjoy eating out unless it is to a nicer restaurant for a date night. So with the exception of our July date night, I am going to try and make it the whole month without eating out, for any meal (or treat).

Summer Goal: You may have seen my post on my big challenge for myself this summer. I am going all summer (June 21st-September 22nd) without shopping. You can read more about why I decided on this challenge here.

June Goals Review

  • Read more often: I tried really hard to read a little before bed each night through out the month and it is definitely a routine that I want to stick with! Reading before bed is such a great way to end the night.
  • Implement a new fitness routine/schedule: Other than a slight break after our trip to Chicago we stayed fairly active this month. I started to lift and do more circuit workouts in addition to my usual runs and it has made a big difference already!
  • Cook more often: This one was a bit of a struggle. We were without A/C for a while and cooking just didn’t sound all that great. But we have definitely been making an effort in cooking more often and cooking healthier meals as well! We struggled to get back on track after Chicago but with no eating out in July we will surely get back into the routine of cooking.

What are some of your goals this month? Any tips for sticking to them?

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