2017: A Year in Review

We began 2017 with my family during their annual New Years Weekend in Omaha. I was happy to join them again this year since the year prior Andrew and I were in Napa for our honeymoon for the start of 2016. It was great to get back to tradition and celebrate another year together and I am looking forward to celebrating with them again this year! 2017 was a busy and exciting year and I can’t wait to see what 2018 is like for us!


As always I am beyond thankful for our wonderful family. Our parents live in the same town as each other just a few hours away from us so it makes it easy to all get together and see each other often throughout the year. I feel so blessed every time we are able to get together whether it be all or part of us. This year we were able to make several trips back home for Easter, Memorial Weekend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And in addition to trips back home we hosted Andrew’s parents for a 4 course meal, had everyone over for a fall dinner and are hosting my family for a cocoa night. I love being able to have everyone together and am excited for many more family days this next year.


I love to travel and I know not everyone has the opportunity and ability to do so. The past 2-3 years have allowed me to travel more than I have before and it has been such a wonderful experience. This year we were able to visit Chicago, Kansas City, Maine and New Hampshire. Next year I am going to Chicago with my mom and have a few other trips that are in the works but nothing set in stone.


We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and I still feel just as lucky now as I did on our wedding day. I am constantly learning and growing and the fact that I get to do that with my best friend is a wonderful blessing.

2017 Highlights


Over the summer we took a quick trip to Chicago. It was my first time visiting and we had so much fun. I am anxious to go back this Spring with my mom and explore even more.

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Lake Weekend

Andrew and I were lucky to get a simple weekend away at the lake towards the end of the summer. With as busy as he is, it is always nice to getaway and have some down time together. I think we will try to make this a yearly trip.

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Apple Orchard

Early this fall we took a trip to the Apple Orchard and had such a fun time. I think we will definitely be making this a yearly event!

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Maine & New Hampshire

I am still so blown away by our trip to Maine and New Hampshire. We had such a wonderful time exploring and relaxing. Not only did we love exploring the coast and mountains as well but the fall colors were beyond amazing!

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First National Park

While we were in Maine we drove up to Bar Harbor to visit Acadia National Park. It was my first National Park trip and such an amazing experience. Every inch of Acadia is beautiful and there is so much more we want to explore. Before we even left that day we knew we wanted to go back for another visit.

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Fall Weekend with the Family

Every year my family takes a trip to a pumpkin patch and this year we did an orchard/pumpkin patch combination. It was so much fun having everyone together and Andrew even got to pick his first pumpkin. He was pretty excited.

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Thank you so much for reading Living Taylored this year and following along on my adventures and every day life. 2017 was truly wonderful and I can’t wait to share 2018 with you all as well!

Happy New Year!



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