Chilly Summer Morning

DSC_0561Fall is moving in. While the days remain warm, the mornings and evenings are significantly cooler, even a bit chilly compared to the normal constant summer heat. While our weekend at the lake was supposed to be mostly in the 90s I knew that mornings would be quite chilly so I came prepared with this cozy sweater.KJP Lobster Sweater_0580I knew this sweater would be perfect for chillier summer nights, especially for evenings at the lake. Unfortunately this summer we spent much less time at the lake than we have summers past so I didn’t have the chance to wear it as often as I had hoped. When I woke up on our first morning last weekend and realized how chilly it was outside I was so glad to have packed it. How fun is the nautical lobster print?KJP Lobster Sweater_0489Our weekend was filled with lots of relaxing and enjoying the views, especially during my favorite time of day: early morning. I love how calm the lake is first thing in the morning. I am awful at sleeping in so I would get up early and head out the dock to enjoy the peaceful hum of the water. KJP Lobster Sweater_0576I love that at the lake you can just roll out of bed, throw on something comfortable and head out the door; no need to get ready. All you need for mornings like this is coffee, breakfast and a good book. DSC_0495.JPGKJP Lobster Sweater_0497I could spend every morning like this! How beautiful does the water look with the morning sun shining down? Can’t wait to go back in fall for another peaceful lake weekend.KJP Lobster Sweater_0574Sweater: Kiel James Patrick (unisex, size down for women) | Shorts: J Crew | Shoes: Converse

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