Exploring the White Mountains

Exploring the White Moutains_1216While we were in Maine we were determined to explore as much as we could and that meant taking in the fall foliage. After a few days exploring the coast we decided to head inland. The White Mountains in New Hampshire were only 2 hours away so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to head to the forest and soak up the beauty of the fall colors.Exploring the White Moutains_1174Exploring the White Moutains_1186I had seen pictures of the area and knew it would be beautiful this time of the year, but being there in person was incredible and nothing like what I had imagined. After getting to Conway, NH we headed for the Kancamagus Highway for a scenic drive.Exploring the White Moutains_1189There were several spots along the highway that were perfect for pulling over and heading down to the river. There were popular spots filled with people, but luckily the few places we pulled over were empty and peaceful allowing us to really enjoy the views and peaceful sound of the river.Exploring the White Moutains_1201Exploring the White Moutains_1205Exploring the White Moutains_1202I was so glad to have worn my Hunter Boots so I could walk through the river and explore a little more. The views were beautiful from along the shore but they were even more stunning from the center of the river.Exploring the White Moutains_1227Exploring the White Moutains_1224You may be noticing the change of outfit in photos… I was being SO careful as I walked through the river but at one point I lost my footing and slipped on the rocks below me. Luckily it wasn’t a bad fall and I was able to catch myself, but I did get completely soaked. Thankfully I had my bag with an extra outfit in the car and was able to at least change my top and shoes. Unfortunately I had to stay in my soaked jeans but it didn’t keep me from exploring a bit more.Exploring the White Moutains_1232Exploring the White Moutains_1217If you ever get the chance to visit White Mountain National Forest I would absolutely recommend it! While it was especially beautiful due to the foliage I know this area would be breathtaking anytime of year!

Outfit One: Sweater | Scarf (similar) | Jeans | Hunter Boots | Boot Socks

Outfit Two: Jacket | Shirt (similar) | Jeans | Bean Boots | Boot Socks

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