Hiking in Acadia

Acadia Cadillac Mountain 2I feel like I say this about every aspect of our trip to Maine, but a day in Acadia National Park was one of the things I was most excited for. It was 3.5 hours from where we were staying but we decided it would be well worth the drive and it absolutely was. We made the trip to Mt. Desert Island on our last day in Maine. We were definitely getting tired from our other days of exploring, but we made the most of it and set out to explore as much of the park as we could fit in.

Since we would be spending 7 hours in the car that day I knew our time at the park would be limited so before leaving for Maine I did a LOT of research so we would know which trails and areas we would want to visit and explore. Truly everything in Acadia is beautiful so it was hard to narrow it down to only a handful of areas.

Jordan PondDSC_1249We started out on the Jordan Pond trail to take in the beautiful views of Jordan Pond. The surrounding mountains were speckled with bright fall colors. It was quite chilly and windy but it seemed so peaceful to be walking along the water.AcadiaDSC_1271

Cadillac MountainDSC_1284Acadia1.jpgAfter Jordan Pond he headed to Cadillac Mountain. I originally wanted to hike to the top but since we were already a bit behind time wise we decided to drive up to take in the beautiful views. Once we were up top we found the North Ridge Trail and hiked down it a ways before moving on to another spot on our list.DSC_1308.JPGDSC_1298Being on top of Cadillac was definitely challenging for me as I am terrified of heights. In addition to my fear it was quite slick from rain and windy. I ended up taking a spill down on a rocky mountainside. It really wasn’t too terrible of a fall-just a few cuts and now some rather nasty bruises- but I was definitely hurting. I feel like this would normally be enough to send me packing and not wanting to explore anymore but I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the park that we kept on going and headed to our next destination.

Bubbles Divide & South SummitFullSizeRender (1).jpgNext we headed up to Bubbles Divide and took the South Summit Trail for more breathtaking views over looking Jordan Pond. It was fun to get a view of where we had started in the park and see more of the beautiful foliage.

Eagle LakeDSC_1323.JPGThen from the south summit we hiked all the way down to Eagle Lake. This was probably my favorite portion of our hike. This trail was so peaceful and we only came across a few other people along the way. Once we got down to the lake we were the only ones there and it was such a beautiful site. I would have been thrilled to just sit along the lakeshore for a few hours and take it all in.DSC_1327.jpgA quick note on my hiking gear. As with every trip I like to be over prepared so I wore lots of layers and I am so glad I did. It started out SUPER cold that morning so I had on my wind/waterproof Columbia jacket. By the time we started hiking to the South Bubble I was getting warmer. My running shirt and vest were the perfect amount of warmth to continue the rest of the day. Since sharing some of our trip on Instagram stories I have had several people ask about my boots and I could not recommend them more. They are the Women’s Cairn Mid from Eddie Bauer and are beyond comfortable/supportive. I got them about 2 months before our trip and I wore them on a couple walks around the neighborhood to break them in. I didn’t have any problems with them and they kept my feet warm and dry all day long.DSC_1322.JPGOur day in Acadia was not nearly long enough and while we are so thrilled with what we did explore there is still so much of the island that we would like to see. We will definitely have to take a trip back in a few years to check off a few more trails!

Jacket | Vest | Shirt (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Socks | Hiking Boots

7 thoughts on “Hiking in Acadia

  1. Taylor, these photos are so gorgeous! I can’t believe how much of Acadia you managed to see in one day! I am so impressed. My husband always says that Maine is the one destination that really looks like the postcards you see of it. We traveled there a few years ago and went to Boothbay Harbor (about an hour north of Portland). We thought about doing the drive to Acadia, but with two small kids, we decided not to go since it would be such a long drive for just a day. I’m glad you did it. If you go back to Acadia, try to stay in Bar Harbor. I went there as a child and it is so cute! I have loved hearing about your trip and am excited to hear about your dinner party!

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  2. These views are sooo stunning! And you’re right – unfortunately one day is not enough. Acadia is so freakin’ huge! I hope to visit in Autumn like you someday! Those leaves!

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