Apple Picking Excursion

I was beginning to think that we were not meant to go apple picking. I had never been and was desperately wanting to go this year. We originally made plans to go over a week ago but it ended up being 90 degrees that day (no thank you!). So we decided to try for the next weekend and my husband being super sweet said we could go on his birthday since it was really our only other chance to go. The weather was supposed to be perfect but as the day grew nearer the forecast went from high 60s to upper 70s and storming all day. Luckily when we woke up that morning the forecast had switched back to what was supposed to be a pleasant fall day.Apple Picking_0876We loaded up the truck and headed for Kimmel Orchard in Nebraska City. It POURED rain the entire drive there but decided to keep going anyways. By the time we arrived the skies were clear, we were so lucky. The sun came out and it ended up being a fairly warm and windy fall day, but we were determined to make the most of it.Apple Picking_0890Apple Picking 2017-3Apple Picking_0901We set off with our baskets and searched for some of our favorite apples with hopes of baking a few apple treats the next week.Apple Picking_0914Apple Picking_0894Apple Picking 2017-1While walking through the orchard I was amazed by just how expansive the property was. This was our first time so we had no idea what to expect but Kimmel Orchards did not disappoint. Not only do they have endless rows of apple trees but they also have a vineyard, pumpkin patch, and other seasonal fruits!Apple Picking_0908Apple Picking_0912Apple Picking_0950Apple Picking_0907After exploring what felt like the entire orchard and picking apples to our hearts content we headed into the market for some fresh apple pie with ice cream. It was the perfect treat after walking the grounds. And I of course couldn’t leave without bringing home a few extra goodies like fresh cider, apple butter and my favorite- apple cider donuts!Apple Picking_0957Apple Picking 2017-2We had so much fun and I know we will be making this a yearly adventure!

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