2 Years of Marriage

CannonWedding-335Today, Andrew and I celebrate 2 years of our marriage. I honestly still feel like we just got married. That has to be a good sign right? :) We still feel like newlyweds at times and I hope we can make that last as long as possible.CannonWedding-314In all honesty, I would be lying if I said that marriage wasn’t work and challenging at times. I don’t want to give the idea that marriage is 100% easy and blissful ALL the time. While it comes with challenges, as do all aspects of life, I can honestly say that these 2 years of marriage have been the best of my life. CannonWedding-344I will do a post soon reflecting more deeply on our first 2 years and the traditions we have started and lessons we have learned, but for now I just wanted to share a quick post to reflect on this special day.CannonWedding-315Tonight we will celebrate just the two of us before heading home to be with our families for Christmas. I love that our anniversary is just a few days before the holidays making it extra special to have so much to celebrate.CannonWedding-355I will share a post soon reflecting on these first 2 years so stay tuned!


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