Essential Oils

Essential Oils.JPGI first heard about essential oils from Liz. At the time I was really struggling and was willing to try just about anything that could help me sleep, relax and reduce stress. I toyed around with the idea for a few months trying different brands and varieties of oils and started to notice a difference.

At first I was just using them at night to help me sleep. And while using a calming blend definitely helped me sleep better, I was still struggling during the day. I was lacking energy, motivation, and general excitement. So I decided to fully dive in and use oils regularly.

I ordered oils from DoTerra in October and have been using them regularly ever since. I have found them to be so helpful and wanted to share how I use them in hopes that others can benefit too.

Nightly RoutineDSC_2145.JPGEvery night I diffuse a few drops of DoTerra’s Serenity Blend. I start the diffuser about 30 minutes before I intend to go to bed to fill the room with a calming and soothing sent. By the time I finish my nightly reading and meditation I feel so relaxed and am able to easily fall asleep. I also love Melaleuca’s Peace Blend for sleep as well! These oils have been a crucial step in my nightly routine (which I will share more of soon).

Daily MotivationDSC_2217I tend to struggle with staying focused throughout the day or not letting myself be run down with stress and anxiety. I decided to get a second diffuser to keep in my office at work so that I could diffuse invigorating and uplifting oils throughout the day. A few favorites that I like to use are Melaleuca’s Lighten Blend and DoTerra’s Balance & Motivate Blends. They help provide a calm atmosphere while still helping me remain energetic and focused.

Sugar ScrubsEssential Oil Sugar ScrubI recently started using my favorite oil scents and blends to make sugar scrubs. I love using them to keep my skin soft and the scents instantly make me feel relaxed or happy. My favorites to use are lavender, citrus, and melaleuca (tea tree). The scrubs are super easy to make. All you have to do is mix sugar, a little oil (I use coconut or almond, but olive oil works too) and then a few drops of the desired essential oil. Not only will it keep your skin super soft but it is a relaxing and uplifting treat as well.

This is not a sponsored or affiliate post. I have truly benefited from regularly using essential oils and I hope that others can benefit from using them as well!

9 thoughts on “Essential Oils

  1. I’m so happy essential oils are popular! There is something really great about people wanting to take care of themselves without all the chemically stuff.
    I love diffusing lavender. I actually sort of got myself to the point where if I smell it I instantly get calm and start winding down. It’s great!

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