4 Ways I Am Reading More

DSC_2183Over the past month I have really been trying to prioritize reading. I have always loved reading and that hasn’t changed over the years. But my determination to read has. It comes in waves- some months I will finish 2 or 3 books and then another month or two will pass when I have hardly read more than a few chapters but I am trying to make reading a consistent habit. It is still a process but I have found a few things that have really helped me to read more often.DSC_2169

Before Bed

Lately I have been prioritizing my nightly routine. Part of that means reading for at least 15 minutes before bed but I often try to get settled early enough that I can get in a good 30 minutes or longer.

On The Go

Phone: I have recently started downloading books to my phone. I never though I would become a digital book person but am running out of shelf space for all the books I acquire. If it is something that I think I will get through pretty fast and don’t feel the need to have a hard copy I download it on my phone. It is a great way to always have something to read should I find myself with some down time away from my books at home.

Car: As for audio-books I’m still not sure how I feel about this… I have a few books on tape that were given to me and while I’m not sure I consider it “reading” it has been great for my commute to and from work. I think if I decide to continue with audio books I will keep it strictly for non-fiction/motivational books just as a personal preference. I still much prefer actually sitting down to read with the text in hand.

Book Previews

Far too many times I have ordered books wishing I had known more about them or sampled them before purchasing. I have started a few books that I just can’t bring myself to finish which makes me less motivated to keep reading. To avoid this I have started reading book previews (usually the first 2-4 chapters) on Amazon or iBooks. Obviously you can go to a bookstore/library and do the same thing but I order a lot of books online so this is a great way to decide if I really think it is worth reading.

Good Reads

I acquire books much faster than I can read them. Or even worse I find a book that sounds wonderful but then don’t purchase it because I have others to read first. I created a Good Reads account to help keep track of the books I have read and add books to my “to read” list. Not only does this help me keep track of what I want to read but I can also find new ideas, read reviews, and make notes about what I did/didn’t like about a certain book. You can find my account here to follow along with what I’m reading/what books I’ve enjoyed.DSC_2187

I want to make sure that I continue to make time for reading. It is such a great way to relax, learn and spend my time. How do you prioritize reading?

11 thoughts on “4 Ways I Am Reading More

  1. These are excellent tips! I’ve actually compiled a summer reading list this year.

    My two biggest struggles with reading fiction is prioritizing…and the end of the book (when I love a book I HATE finishing it! Lol!).

    Definitely going to bed earlier is the biggest way I can prioritize reading. Other than that, I’ll sneak in reading throughout the day… Even if it’s just in 10 minute increments. 😉

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  2. I am all about audiobooks! I get them from the library (because I’m cheap, lol) but I think they’re great!! I usually go for fiction, tho, so I’m a little more entertained and more likely to keep paying attention.

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  3. Ahh! I have to donwload goodreads! Also- appreciate your dedication to turtlenecks even in May. A girl after my own heart! 😂

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  4. I think it’s great that you’re reading more. Jake is about to be busy with residency, so I hope to pick up some more reading too. We have a patio that I plan to decorate soon & it’s where I will read a lot.

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