Unafraid of Color: Gaining Confidence

As I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago I realized how much my closet had grown in color. It used to be that my closet was almost completely cream, white, black and navy; all neutral, basic and simple colors.

Obviously neutral pieces are necessary, but that’s all my closet was. It wasn’t because I love wearing those colors (or lack thereof), but because I was afraid to wear more color out of fear that it would draw attention to me. Somehow I felt slightly more invisible when I was wearing black, cream or navy. Not only did I stick to those neutral colors, but I played it pretty safe with the styles I would wear.


Confidence was something I struggled with for several years. All through high school and college I really tried my best to blend in. I had my moments of random confidence or outgoing bursts, but usually I was a homebody and wall flower desperately trying to avoid any form of attention.

Something lately has changed. While I still don’t love attention or standing out, I have shifted in my confidence of style. I have felt less afraid to stand out a little more and try new colors, styles and pieces. Maybe I’m just maturing with age, but I also think that as I get older I have cultivated such a strong network of friends and family that support me and encourage me to be myself. Having supportive friends, family, and a partner/spouse makes all the difference.


So as I was sorting through my closet I saw a lot more color and pieces that I probably would have been to afraid to wear a year or two ago. I am still a shy and reserved person (and I probably always will be), but I am making progress and growing. that’s what is important. Of course there is always room to grow and improve. So I know finding confidence doesn’t end here, but at least its a start.

Bow Sweater: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew Factory | Wedges: DSW






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