Sweater Weather

It’s that time of the year. Time to break out the sweaters. This is something I look forward to all year long. From the time I pack my sweaters away for summer I anxiously await the arrival of cooler temps to break them out again. I honestly would wear sweaters year round if I could… and someday I hope to live somewhere that I can at least wear them for 80% of the year.Cream Sweater & Riding Boots_0669Even though I only get a chance to wear them for about half the year in Nebraska I have quite an assortment of sweaters. I’m sure if you looked in my closet it would seem excessive, but once the temperature drops in October, I wear a sweater at least 5 days of the week. They are just SO easy to throw on and go with ANYTHING-jeans, dress pants, skirts or even over a dress.

Because I wear them so often I try to find good quality sweaters that will survive several wears for more than one season. Over the years of trying different brands and styles I have definitely found a few favorites.


Double L Cable KnitDSC_0970This sweater is SUCH great quality (duh, it’s LL Bean). The color hasn’t faded after several wears/washes and the sweater holds its shape really well. Even though this sweater is a bit on the bulkier/thicker side it still layers well and is great for those really chilly days. (As worn here in cream)

Signature Fisherman SweaterCream Sweater & Riding Boots_0665 - Version 2This is one of my favorite sweaters, mostly because I just love the look of it. It is made super well and I love how thick it is. This sweater does shrink quite a bit so keep that in mind when ordering and washing! (As worn here) (I’m wearing a small for reference).


Wool Cable KnitDSC_0695.JPGI honestly want this sweater in every color. It is light enough that it can be layered with button downs without being to bulky and great for tucking into skirts as well. I have a few different colors and wear this sweater at least once a week in the fall/winter. Because this sweater is wool it does require dry-cleaning and can be a bit itchy at first but gets softer over time. (This sweater is currently unavailable online but JCrew caries it every year, so check back for it soon!) (As worn here and here).


Classic Cable KnitDSC_0686 - Version 2.JPGThis one really is a classic. I would say this sweater falls in the middle of how heavy or thick it is. It is definitely great for layering but looks good on its own as well. I definitely love how soft mine is which makes it super comfortable to curly up in on a cold winter day. Be careful about which of these are dry clean/hand wash vs. safe for the washing machine!


Drifter Cotton CableDSC_0978I bought this sweater immediately after my sister received it for Christmas last year. I loved the non-traditional knitting pattern on the front and had been looking for a fun red sweater. This one is super soft and comfortable but it is a bit boxy and stretches out easily. Even thought it doesn’t hold its shape as well as the others the softness is just too good to pass up!

While I have several kinds of sweaters these ones are definitely my favorite that I wear on repeat during fall and winter. What are some of your tried and true sweaters?

**This post contains affiliate links. through which I may receive commission. This blog is not associated with the brands and companies featured in the links and/or image display.

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