White Skirts & Wildflowers

When it started to warm up early this spring I told myself one thing I really wanted to get for this summer was a white skirt. Well months went by and I hadn’t yet found one yet and then began my “summer without shopping” challenge and I was still without a white skirt, so I made due with this white dress (last seen here) and have been trying to come up with different ways to wear it (styled more like a skirt).DSC_0304I’ve paired it with different cardigans and sweaters for work but over the weekend I thought something a bit more casual would be fun so I opted for this gingham shirt. It is a plain button up, but I just folded it under and then tied it in front. So much easier than having to search for an actual tie front shirt when you can just do it yourself! I have also paired it with a few striped tees over top and then tie a knot to the side for a casual outfit as well. I am ALL about versatile pieces that I can style several ways and this dress is perfect!DSC_0312DSC_0322DSC_0310Last Sunday we went out to a lake just outside of Omaha. Andrew and I used to run around it together when we first started dating. It is such a pretty spot and I love going out there to see the beautiful views and to be reminded of our first summers together. Several spots along the trails were lined with wildflowers of all different shades of yellow, orange, purple and red. It was such a pretty setting and reminded me of the tall sunflower-like-wildflowers that grow along the road to my parents house this time of the year.DSC_0319DSC_0308It was starting to get hot out fairly early so after enjoying some time walking around the lake we stopped by the part of the trail lined with flowers for a minute to take it all in. It has been so hot and humid here that we have been spending most of our time on the weekends inside, but I am so glad that we got out for a little while Sunday morning to enjoy such beautiful scenery.DSC_0306Gingham Shirt | Eyelet Dress (available in 3 colors!)

12 thoughts on “White Skirts & Wildflowers

  1. That’s actually really exciting that dress is still in stock! I recently tried to order the white one (if you remember I had the yellow one) and it was no longer available. You inspired me to try and style my yellow one with a DIY tie shirt!! And how are you doing with the no shopping summer? Is it hard? I’d love to read a post all about that! Just wanted to say thanks so much for checking out my blog all of the time and faithfully commented. I read a lot of blogs and I will notice your name and comments on many that I read. I think that’s so cool your so encouraging and really engaging with everyone. I truly appreciate it!!

    Katie | http://www.katieskronicles.org

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    1. Wow thank you so much for the sweet comment Katie! I loved your yellow one so much, those pictures were so pretty! The summer with no shopping has been hard and I will definitely do a post on it soon! Thank you for following along!! ❤️


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