Packing for Lake Geneva

I normally don’t get excited over summer clothes but I have a few new pieces that I have been loving lately, all of which I am packing for our weekend in Lake Geneva so I thought I would share what I’m taking along!

Hat | Puff Sleeve Shirt | Linen Shorts| Sneakers | Navy Dress | Striped Sweater | Chambray Dress | Clutch | Sandals | Beach Shirt (similar here) | Bow Hat | Swimsuit

I’m not someone who does well packing light. I like options and I like to be prepared. And with two small kids its never hurts to have an extra outfit or two. So I will likely throw in an extra top and jeans but this is my core list.

I’m limiting myself to a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals. These Vejas are my favorite and are finally back in stock! And of course I’m bringing my favorite Sarah Flint sandals (don’t forget you can use code SARAHFLINT-BATAYLORC for $50 off).

I recently ordered this dress for family pictures and I love it so much. It’s so beautiful and it’s on sale right now!

I’m also very excited about this beach shirt. I tried it on and immediately wished I had ordered it in more colors. It’s so comfortable and the perfect length that you can easily wear it around town after being at the beach or pool.

Fall seems to be quickly approaching here in Minnesota so we will be enjoying this final hurrah of summer! Happy August!

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