5 Ways to Style Your Festive Plaid Shirt

Every holiday season I seem to acquire another festive plaid shirt (or two), but I always feel like I don’t get to wear it enough without styling it the same way over and over for the very short lived holiday season. So this year I decided to try to be a bit more creative in thinking of ways to style a festive plaid shirt.Festive Plaid Shirt_1614.JPG

Holiday PartyBlack Dress & Plaid Shirt_1591.jpgIn addition to acquiring new festive holiday shirts every year I seem to usually gain another seasonal dress that I only end up wearing during the holiday season. Instead or searching for a festive dress this year I thought pairing my plaid shirt under a simple black dress would be a great way to remain festive and holiday party ready.Black Dress & Plaid Shirt_1592.JPGSimilar Dress here and here | Plaid Shirt | Black Heels (shorter version here)

Office AppropriateBlack Skirt & Plaid Shirt_1595.jpgAnother easy way to dress up your festive plaid is pairing it with a simple skirt. Here I went with a black skirt and black flats both perfect for the office.

Plaid Shirt | Black Skirt | Similar Flats (also love these!)

Dinner DateBlazer, Booties & Plaid Shirt_1604I normally wear my plaid shirts with jeans and casual boots like my Hunters or Bean Boots but here I decided to wear a pair of ankle boots and throw on a blazer for a slightly dressed up version of my usual outfit. This is great for drinks, casual Friday at work or a dinner date.

Blazer | Plaid Shirt | Jeans | Similar Ankle Boots

Casual FridayRed Sweater, Loafers & Plaid Shirt_1628This casual look is great for a casual day at the office, holiday shopping or a simple Sunday brunch. Not only does the plaid look great with a bright red sweater but the ruffle collar on this specific shirt makes it all the more festive.Red Sweater & Plaid Shirt_1619.jpgSweater (similar) | Plaid Shirt | Jeans | Similar Flats

Pop of ColorWool Coat, Hunters & Plaid Shirt_1608The festive plaid shirt is of course a great touch of holiday color but pairing it will a matching knit and boots is a great way to look festive. Not only does it help make the shirt pop but it its a great look for staying festive on chilly, winter days.Wool Coat, Hunters & Plaid Shirt_1610Black Coat (similar here) | Plaid Shirt | Jeans | Hunter Boots | Similar hats here and here



9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Style Your Festive Plaid Shirt

  1. uhhhh LOOVING the holiday look! Never thought to put my flannel under a sleeveless dress. May be my “christmas in Chicago” look if I can find my black dress! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You look adorable in each way that you styled it!! Love the last one with that pop of red in the Hunter boots 🙂


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