Motivational Monday: Stop Looking Down


A few days ago I saw a poster that was supposed to encourage us to put down our phones and acknowledge the world around us. It had the words “Stop Looking Down” written in bold letters across the top. And while I completely understood the message of putting down our phones, it instead opened my eyes to another bad habit of mine.

I’ve noticed that whenever am I out, whether it be to run errands or even just walking through the halls at work, I am constantly looking down at my feet or the ground as I walk. By doing this I am missing everything that goes on around me. I’m avoiding eye contact and conversation with others, oblivious to my surroundings, and hoping to go un-noticed.

I think part of this stems from my shyness and self-conscious habits. While I am making progress and becoming a bit more confident, I still have plenty of work to do. After seeing this poster I have truly tried to keep my head up as I walk through the halls at work or pass people in the aisle at the grocery store. Sure, eye contact can be a bit awkward at time and you will encounter people who still look down or act as if they don’t see you walking past them, but there is so much to be seen when you look up instead.

So rather than a quote today I am just sharing a little bit of encouragement. Stop looking down and start looking up. Whether this means putting down your phone and interacting with others or simply looking up and smiling at others as you pass them by. Participate and immerse yourself in the world around you. I can guarantee you will learn more and see more if you just open yourself up a bit. This is something I will definitely be working on.

8 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Stop Looking Down

  1. I grew up where encountering at least one rattlesnake a day was the norm….so I was always looking down and slightly ahead, checking to make sure I didn’t get surprised by a snake.

    I still haven’t broken myself of that “looking down” habit.

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