Living Lately No. 10

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week and enjoyed some time with friends and family. While we would normally go home to be with our families this weekend we spent this year at home just the two of us and celebrated with a big brunch on Sunday (more on that next week). Having Tuesday off of work has really thrown me off and I have been confused about what day it is all week. But I am glad that it is Friday and ready to enjoy another weekend at home and hopefully be a bit productive with some current projects.DSC_0163 - Version 4

(Original Post) Dress: ASOS | Clutch: Hallmark



  • The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware (Note: This one is going to take me a while…. I am a huge baby when it comes to thrillers and suspense and so far its a little creepy so I’m taking it slow)


  • I know I am WAY behind here but I finally got a chance to watch Beauty and the Beast and it was amazing. I of course had been wanting to see it since I first saw the trailer but I didn’t want to go without Andrew so we finally took the time to watch it together and even he really enjoyed it. I will now be watching it on repeat to make up for waiting so long

Living Taylored Lately

Next Week

  • This week has been a blur and I haven’t thought past this post…. I’m usually such a planner but this week has been different. There will absolutely be new content up next week I just haven’t quite figured out what it will be yet 🙂

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