Favorite Color of Fall

I rarely wear color tending to always stick to neutrals or earth tones. That is probably why I love fall clothes most because it is easier and more acceptable to stick to earth tones and muted colors. However, this year, color has been a much more regular part of my fall wardrobe. The one color I am wearing regularly? Green.

Prior to this season I owned exactly 2 green items, a sweater (as seen here) and a dress. Then as I started looking for some fall pieces I couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful shades of green that are so popular this season. It started with these surplus green pants. They are a great way to add a little bit of color to my fall wardrobe without getting to crazy.DSC_1518.jpgAfter wearing them I realized how much I loved the color and thought maybe I should try wearing a bit more green. This is when I spiraled out of control… Only partially kidding.Green Turtleneck, Corduroy Skirt, Hunter Boots_1500I soon found myself ordering this pretty emerald green turtleneck. I had been wanting a few simple turtlenecks for fall because they are perfect for chilly days and for layering. I was planning on getting neutrals but this green was just too pretty to pass up and I am so glad I got it. It is a a great color for fall and will be great for the holidays as well!Green Cords, Tan Sweater, Ankle Boots, Plaid Scarf_1506I then went on a hunt for brown corduroy skinnies and somehow wound up with these olive green cords. Not sorry about it at all. I love the color for fall and, like the surplus green skinnies, they are a great way to add color to an outfit while still keeping things fairly neutral. I love that I can pair them with ankle boots, loafers/flats and riding boots for a variety of fall looks.DSC_1571And my most favorite “green” purchase of the season is this quilted vest. I saw it when I was in New Hampshire and absolutely loved it!DSC_1569.jpgWhile I usually don’t follow too many trends, I am so glad I branched out and tried this popular fall color. What are some fall trends you have been loving?

Look 1: Barbour Jacket | Sweater | Pants | Hunter Boots

Look 2: Turtleneck | Similar Scarf | Similar Skirt | Hunter Boots

Look 3: Similar Sweater | Similar Scarf | Corduroy Pants | Similar Ankle Boots

Look 4: Sweater | Vest | Similar Jeans | Similar Ankle Boots

9 thoughts on “Favorite Color of Fall

  1. I’m loving the green! SO pretty! I need to branch out into more bottom colors – I tend to stick to blue and black. I’m playing around with mustard yellow sweaters this season. Loving it so far!

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