Summer Red

If you open up my closet you will find that the majority of it is blue and white with a very small percentage of colored pieces. I told myself I would start branching out and that lasted for a while. Then as I packed my bags for Chicago I realized that every single item I was taking was blue or white (or a combination).

I was so proud of myself when I ordered this dress because it would finally add a bit more color to my wardrobe. I was hesitant to order it due to the size of the gingham pattern worried it would look like I was wearing a picnic tablecloth/blanket. When I tried it on later at my parents my youngest brothers informed me that I did indeed look like a picnic blanket… It may be a little bit bold, but I love it anyways.


The dress originally had long, bell sleeves and when I first tried it on at home it was not at all flattering on me (I actually did look like I was wearing a tablecloth). I was super disappointed because I loved the fit of the dress otherwise. I was determined to make it work so I called my grandmother to see if she could work some magic and fix the sleeves for me. I took it back to Kearney and with my mom’s help we decided to shorten it to just above the elbow leaving enough room to add a cute little cuff to the sleeves (my grandmother’s idea).


I absolute love how the dress turned out after the alterations and I am so glad that I didn’t send it back. Also, how cute is this clutch? My mom surprised me with it during a weekend trip home. I have loved pairing it with all my eyelet pieces this summer.

DSC_0163 - Version 4

I had been searching for a gingham dress for quite a while and I am so glad I ended up going with this red one. It isn’t a color that I wear often but I think it is a great dress for summer and I know I will where it often. And I am so glad that I decided to keep it and alter the sleeves. Not only is it more flattering on me but now it is exactly what I had in mind for a gingham dress and perfect for hot summer days.


Dress: ASOS | Clutch: Hallmark | Wedges: DSW

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