Warby Parker: At Home Try On

Warby Park Keene Glasses_0799I got my first pair of glasses in the 5th grade. I hated them and was mortified to wear them to school. I honestly don’t remember how long I actually wore them for before I gave up and tucked them away in a drawer. I thought that would be then end of my relationship with glasses. But then in 8th grade I remember sitting in science and I continued to ask my friend next to me to clarify what the board ahead of us said. I knew I couldn’t avoid glasses any longer so I begrudgingly went to get my eyes checked and picked out glasses.

Warby Park Keene Glasses_0797Keene Glasses Pictured in Photos Above

For about a year I only wore glasses as contacts were still too crazy of an idea for me (when I finally got them it took me 45 minutes to get them in my eye….). I spent that year feeling uncomfortable at every turn. Glasses were not my thing. A year went by and my first formal dance was approaching at school and I finally made the choice to get contacts (there was no way I wanted to wear glasses to my first homecoming dance).

Once I got contacts I avoided wearing glasses. With every new year of a prescription I would search for glasses that I would finally feel comfortable in but struggle to find a winning pair. I would go home with what I thought looked good in the store and end up barely wearing them.

My struggle to find a pair of glasses that I am truly comfortable in has finally come to an end. Enter Warby Parker. Warby Parker offers the option to try several pairs of glasses on at home to decide which truly works best for you. All you have to do is go online and choose the 5 frames you like best and they send you all 5 to test out at once.Warby Parker Home Try On_0751While you can easily try glasses on at the eye doctor, this at home option allows you to really test them out and compare each style. Being able to try them on in the comfort of your won home and make your decision without being rushed makes all the difference.Warby Parker Home Try On_0747When my package arrived I immediately started trying them on. I compared each style and if I am being completely honest I pinned up my hair and then pulled it back, testing each frame with different hair styles to really see which worked best.

Pair 1: BensenWarby Park Bensen Glasses_0762Warby Park Bensen Glasses_0764Warby Park Bensen Glasses_0767

Pair 2: LaurelWarby Parker Laurel Glasses_0770Warby Parker Laurel Glasses_0771Warby Parker Laurel Glasses_0773

Pair 3: DurandWarby Parker Durand Glasses_0776Warby Parker Durand Glasses_0778

Pair 4: KensettWarby Park Kensett Glasses_0788Warby Park Kensett Glasses_0789Warby Park Kensett Glasses_0790

Pair 5: KeeneWarby Park Keene Glasses_0795Warby Park Keene Glasses_0798

Sweater | Jeans |Glasses: BensenLaurel | DurandKensett |Keene

I just sent the trial glasses back to Warby Parker and can’t wait to order my new frames! Which pair is your favorite?

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9 thoughts on “Warby Parker: At Home Try On

    1. So easy! Once you try them on and decided which pair(s) you like you just provide your prescription information. the prices are pretty good depending on which type of lenses you select. But they frames are all reasonably priced. They have info about insurance on the site too 🙂


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