Blue & White Brunch

Each week one thing I know I can always look forward to is Sunday mornings. Sundays are one of the only days that Andrew and I get to spend time together for more than an hour or two. We usually spend our mornings at a coffee shop or out to breakfast or brunch somewhere. Instead of going out last weekend we decided to switch things up and enjoy brunch at home.DSC_0249Dinner Plates | Scallop Edge Dinner Plates | Floral Salad Plates | Vintage Napkins (similar here and here) | Vintage Tablecloth (similar here)

I know brunch at home doesn’t sound all that exciting or innovative, but I wanted to do something really special for Andrew to enjoy our day together. (Plus as part of my July Goals we are trying to go the month without eating out.) And really I will use any excuse to break out these beautiful blue and white plates!DSC_0235I wanted to create a setting just as lovely as if we were at a quaint bistro. So when I found this blue and white table cloth with the rest of our linens I knew it would be perfect. Plus my mother in law had just given us these beautiful embroidered napkins, that fit perfectly. Even with a combination of vintage linens and new plates, everything looks like it was made to go together.DSC_0264.JPGNot only was it great to enjoy brunch together but we had so much fun prepping and cooking that morning. As with every good brunch you need a balance of sweet and savory. We decided on a menu of blueberry scones, mixed berries, eggs, bacon, and roasted red potatoes with peppers and onions. (I’ll be sharing our favorite Blueberry Scone recipe soon!)DSC_0196DSC_0198Meals come and go everyday, and while Andrew and I are lucky enough to be able to spend most dinners and breakfasts together it can often seem routine and mundane. With our time together often being limited we both enjoy doing something different to make our time together seem all the more special. Its these little moments that make for some of the best memories.

What are some ways you make the most of simple occasions to enjoy quality time with friends and family?

Dinner Plates | Scallop Edge Dinner Plates | Floral Salad Plates | Vintage Napkins (similar here and here) | Vintage Tablecloth (similar here)


9 thoughts on “Blue & White Brunch

  1. Taylor, your blue and white plates are GORGEOUS! We have Ralph Lauren china that looks similar and I haven’t used it yet. I know that sounds awful, but we use our casual plates daily.) One of Jake and I’s goals for this year is to do more date at home as we will spend a lot of money when he interviews, so this has inspired me to do something like this soon.

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  2. I just love the blue and white dishes, the table setting and the menu! Such a great idea to switch things up and have a nice brunch at home! You did a great job, Taylor!

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