Living Lately No. 1 (New Friday Series)

Yay! This is the first post in a new series I am adding called Living Lately. Every Friday I will do a little post about the week and share things that inspired me, things I am currently enjoying, a review of that weeks posts, and a peak of what is to come.

I want Living Taylored to be a site that encourages and inspires people whether it be in big or little ways. So similar to Motivational Mondays, I want this new series to be a positive way to end the week.



  • This post on the College Prepster was so great. Maxie McCoy talks about having friends who help you grow. Not only is it so important to have friends who help you grow but we should all try to be a friend who supports and encourages others.


  • Still working on The Zookeeper’s Wife. Such a great read. Given the content though it can be tough to read too much at a time.

On the Web:


  • Basket bags  have been all the rage this spring. I normally don’t jump on too many trends but I couldn’t resist this Rattan Clutch. I also love this crossbody.
  • Bandanas: J Crew has the cutest prints and patterns right now like this Lemon print or Berry pattern. Such a fun addition to any spring or summer outfit

Living Taylored Lately

Next Week

  • Mother’s Day Inspiration
  • Monday Inspiration: Friendships
  • Styling this striped bell sleeved top
  • Lace Dresses for Graduation & Weddings

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