I began yoga my junior year of college (about 3 years ago) and was quickly hooked. I would try to fit it in at least 3 nights a week. Not only was it a great new exercise but it also helped me wind down at the end of a long day. After a few weeks of practicing I definitely felt stronger and happy with my progress. By my senior year I was doing yoga regularly but once I moved to Omaha and began a new job and routine I fell out of practice.

One of my February Goals was to get back into the habit of doing yoga. I had been wanting to start up again for a while and I knew if I made it one of my monthly goals it would motivate me to get started.

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I was amazed out how difficult it was to jump back in and get my body used to it. I was definitely sore for the first week but I am so glad that I tried it again.

After getting back into the habit I know that I want to implement yoga into my routine at least once or twice a week just to switch things up! I remember how much stronger and relaxed I felt when I was practicing regularly and I want to achieve that again.

If you haven’t tried yoga, definitely consider it. There are different types and styles so you can find a perfect fit based on your preferences. Look for classes at studios, your local gym, or even get a DVD to do at home!

A few items to get you started:

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