No Shop October

Exploring the White Moutains_1202Happy October everyone! You may remember my “No Shop July” challenge over the summer. I decided to team up with my friends Caitlin & Cierra to do another month of no-shopping. We thought October would be the perfect time before the madness of the holiday season sets in and hopefully will encourage us all to be mindful during the holiday sales (I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to do unnecessary shopping for myself during all of these sales).

During this no-shopping challenge we have decided to really try focusing on styling pieces we have multiple ways to get the most use out of our closet. We will each be sharing our fall essentials along showing different ways to style and re-wear our favorite fall pieces.

WHY Another No-Shopping Month?

I can’t speak for Cierra & Caitlin, but personally I feel like I often get caught up in the idea that I need more to be more, and that just isn’t true for ANYONE. Things, belongings and material goods don’t make a person! However, I do really love clothes and I love using the way I dress to express myself. But I can often get carried away with how much I actually need.

Now that I am staying home instead of working I definitely need to be mindful of what I spend on clothing. Not only is it better for my bank account but it is also so much better for the environment to cut back on the amount we consume (factory production, shipping, etc.) I have a big post on this planned for next year but for now just know that cutting back does more good than just saving money!

WHAT to Expect During No Shop October

Caitlin, Cierra & I will be sharing our top 5 fall essentials, sharing multiple ways to style favorite pieces, and featuring a few fun challenges! You can follow along with us on instagram where we will be sharing all month long!

We would of course love for you to participate by doing your own “no shop October” and if you are on Instagram you can use the hashtag #noshopoctober to share your progress!



6 thoughts on “No Shop October

  1. Great idea! I was planning a no spend month as well. I really need to do a no spend year, but that’s not realistic, haha.
    Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say about it.


  2. This challenge is a great idea! I feel so often we get sucked into the idea of constantly needing to buy new clothes and things – especially in the blogging/influencer journey. I’m really interested to see y’all’s progress with this! ♥️

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