Rainy Days

Winter seems to last forever here in Nebraska. But rather than beautiful snow it tends to be a rainy slush that blankets the ground. In the past years I hated the weather because it is so difficult to dress for. I didn’t have any appropriate clothes or shoes- winter gear was too warm/bulky and everything else couldn’t handle the rain.

So this past year I ordered a pair of Hunter Boots and I wear them at least twice a week. Even on days that it isn’t raining or snowing these boots are handy to trek through the slush that has accumulated.

I also love having a lighter waterproof jacket (like this Barbour Beadnell) on days where it isn’t quite as warm.

Below are a few of my favorite rainy day options! I especially love the idea of wearing fun, bright colors on a rainy day because gloomy day need a little bit of extra color and fun!


Yellow Rain Coat | Polka Dot Parka | Patagonia Jacket

Hunter Umbrella | Clear Umbrella

Black Rain Boots | Red Rain Boots | Hunter Boots

 **This post contains affiliate links. This blog is not associated with the brands and companies featured in the links ad/or image display.

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