February Goals

At the beginning of this year I decided instead of making typical resolutions or goals I would do monthly goals to carry out each month in hopes the would stick with me through out the year (see my January Goals here).


February Goals:

  • Bake something new: I have so many recipes that I want to try but most of my time in the kitchen is spent on our dinners. This month I will pick out at least one new and fun treat to try making!
  • Finish decorating the house: We have had pictures and other art that we have been intending to hang for too long now. This month I will finally get everything up on the walls!
  • Start doing yoga: I used to do yoga regularly but kind of fell out of practice when I moved to Omaha almost 2 years ago. With my January goal of re-establishing a fitness routine I would really love to start doing yoga again!
  • Organize the basement: Ugh, the task I am dreading the most… The basement has turned into our storage area and I desperately need to go through everything and clean it out.

So how did I do in January?

  • Fitness routine: This one was my biggest challenge… I was struggling with a cough and cold for the longest time and didn’t get myself to the gym until 2 almost 2 weeks into the new year. But I am officially getting back into a routine at the gym!
  • Try new recipes: We tried our best to incorporate a few new recipes each week and we were successful! A few favorites we discovered were beef and watercress Panini (from Perfect Panini), skirt steak with caramelized shallots and watercress salad (from Bouchon), and Chicken Fricassee (from Comfort Food).
  • Read more often: I also struggled with this one. Finding the time to devote to reading was a challenged but I did finish 2 books and I am almost finished with a 3rd!
  • Create a new budget: Success! New budget is ready  to go!

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