May Goals

Happy May Day! Woah, its already May. Seriously how is it already so close to summer?? I can’t believe we are already 5 months into the year!

I have loved doing these monthly goals. At the beginning of the year I decided to set monthly goals instead of resolutions. They have been such a great way to constantly be working to make changes and improvements in my daily life. If you have missed them you can find April’s goals here.


May Goals:

  • Mix up my workout routine: I have heard that changing up your workout routine can help keep you on track and improve your results. Not that I am looking to see any major changes, but I do want to mix things up and incorporate something new into my routine! I usually stick with running (and now a little bit of yoga) but I would like to try adding something new.
  • Improve my posture: Its so bad. Sitting at a desk all day has really thrown me off. I am going to make a serious effort to have better posture whether I am sitting or standing.
  • Finish re-doing our bedroom: This has been a slow process. We started with all new bedding and an armoire for extra closet space. Hopefully this month we can finish up with new curtains, wall décor, and a new chair.

So how did April’s goals go?

  • Create a recycling plan: After looking into it more I learned that Omaha’s recycling is very simple. We don’t even have to sort it we just put it out once a week.
  • Take more walks: Not only have we started taking more walks but I have also been trying to run outside more often. It has been so nice to spend a bit more time outside with this change in weather.
  • Plant an herb garden: So we didn’t end up planting an herb garden. We were gifted one when we went home for Easter so we are waiting a bit before planting our own seeds.


11 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Posture is something I’ve been working on too. Oddly enough, taking yoga has helped me become more aware of how to position my body. You should look into it.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence – Aubrey

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