Love is Love

“And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside.”

-Lin-Manuel Miranda

Valentine’s Day is meant to be about celebrating love. ALL types of love. Love for your family, friends, significant others and love for yourself.

Photo by Emily Kowalski Photography


There are so many different types of love in this world and various ways to express it. There is no best, right or one way to show our love for one another. Love looks different to everyone and while others may have a different view of love, that does not make them wrong and it does not make their love any less real or special than your own love. LOVE IS LOVE.

While we should acknowledge our love for each other and ourselves everyday, not just one day a year, it is nice to observe this special day as a time to really celebrate all kinds of love. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about flowers, chocolate, stuffed bears and cards. In fact, that is the part of Valentine’s Day that I try to avoid. Instead, I like to celebrate the people around me who mean so much to my like my family, friends and husband.

Find a way to celebrate that best suits you and those that you love and care about.

Last weekend we decorated special cookies for our families, and this past weekend Andrew and I celebrated by spending the day cooking a nice meal together. Tonight, while Andrew works, I will spend the evening watching a favorite movie while curled up in comfy clothes and just enjoying a night to myself.

So today, celebrate ALL types of love. Express your love to those around you and always remember to love yourself as well. Do something to share and show your love.

Love is LOVE.


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Photo Credit: Emily Kowalski Photography

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