Yoga Gear

Now that I have started yoga again I wanted to share a few of my favorite items. I have had a few of these since I first tried yoga a few years ago and I was thrilled to still have them when I started to practice again.

When I took yoga in school I liked to double up on my mats for extra comfort but this mat (is thicker and sturdier- super comfortable! When I first got a block, towel, and strap after my teacher recommended it I really didn’t think I would use them often. I was wrong. Not only is the towel nice to have for hotter, sweatier sessions, but it can also be rolled up and used for support or cushion in certain poses. The block can also provide extra support and help you modify certain poses.

And of course a bag for your mat and gear makes it easier to take everything with you to class or the gym!


Yoga Mat | Towel | Mat Spray

Block | Mat Bag | Yoga Strap

A few other great items for beginners:


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