Living Lately No. 56

Happy Friday! And the first official Friday of SPRING! I have been so anxious for warmer weather and spring activities like picnics and starting our garden. Now that the weather is warming up and the sun is out more often spring fun is just around the corner and I’m feeling so much more refreshed each day.


  • How To Prepare for a New Baby: With less than 3 months to go before baby girl’s arrival I’ve begun to reflect on how I prepared for Jack and what those first few weeks were like. Honestly it is a bit of a blur. I remember being so in love but also so, so tired and overwhelmed. I loved reading Jillian’s post on preparing for a new baby. Prepping for a baby may look a little different for everyone but this list is very similar to how I prepared for Jack’s arrival and I’m planning to do the same for baby girl.
  • Three Lemon Pasta Recipes: I am always in the mood for pasta, and these three lemon pasta recipes sound so perfect and refreshing for spring. I can’t wait to try these over the next few weeks!
  • Moving Is Sad: One of my favorite bloggers, Liz Adams, recently moved from Chicago to Charleston with her husband, three boys and sweet pup. Following along with her move has been exciting but also a bit hard and I wasn’t sure why I felt sad about a stranger’s cross-country move until this post. In a year, Andrew will match for residency and we will move. Maybe it won’t be far, maybe it will be somewhere entirely new to us both. We have no idea where we may end up. We are excited for a change but also sad to leave our first home, the home where both of our babies will have been brought home to and spent their first couple years. Liz put into words a lot of my anxiety, excitement and fears about our upcoming move.


  • Neely & Chloe x Julia Berolzheimer Collection: Julia is one of my favorites to follow. Her taste and style is feminine, effortless and beautiful. When she first announced her collaboration with Neely & Chloe I knew it would be lovely, but I had no idea just how much I would love every single piece in the collection. I ordered a few of the travel bags because I just couldn’t resist the beautiful prints and spring colors. Nearly everything sold out within the first few days of release but they are excepting pre-order for a second round for a short period of time. Be sure to snag yours before everything is gone. My favorites are the Canvas Pouches and the Mini Lady Bag.
  • Ballet Mule: Margaux has yet to release a shoe that I didn’t immediately love. Even their slippers are beyond comparison. As soon as they released a preview of their latest style, the Ballet Mule, I knew I wanted a pair. Combining their signature styles they have taken the classic ballet style of the Demi, the toe of the Point and created a timeless mule. I of course grabbed a pair in the French Blue and am so happy with them. You can get 10% off of your Margaux purchase using the code LIVINGTAYLORED10.


  • The Garden of Letters: The last book I read by Alyson Richman was SO good I finished it in just a few days so I am excited to read another of her novels. I hope I love this one just as much.
  • Recent Reads: I recently shared a round up of everything I have read over the past couple months. Lots of books by new to me authors that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Living Taylored Lately

Next Month

  • Spring Bedroom Refresh
  • A Simplified Life Review
  • Travel Favorites
  • Statement Collars
  • Gardening With Kids

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