My Daily Books

Reading has always been a big part of my life and has continued to influence my mindset even as an adult. Having different books as part of my daily routines helps me stay focused motivated. It also gives me time to rest and recharge. I started this routine at the beginning of 2020, a year that was hard and challenging for most of us. Having this routine and seeking comfort in words really helped me through the year and continues to help me through the harder days. Some of these books have made a big difference in my outlook, motivation and productivity levels so I thought I would share which ones I use every day.


6 Minute Diary: I’ve been using the 6 Minute Diary for almost a year now are really love it. It helps me take time each day to focus on the good and remain grounded. It really does just take a few minutes each day and night. It is a great way to start my day focused on gratitude and helps me think of what I can do to be better.

Papier Daily Planner: I may not have meetings and a packed schedule that I need to keep track of but having a planner to keep track of any events, appointments or special occasions helps keep me organized. I’ve always struggled to find a planner that works for me. I felt like they were either too simple or had to much “extra stuff” that I just never used. But then I found the Daily Planner by Papier and it is perfect for me. It helps with meal planning, priorities for the week and to-do lists.

Devotional: I have a few different devotionals that I rotate between. I’m currently reading Settle My Soul but a few other favorites are Pressing Pause and Jesus Calling. I’m also currently reading Jesus Calling for Kids to Jack each morning when I do my own journal and devotional, usually right before or after breakfast.


Current Reads: I typically use nap time as MY time. Usually this means reading while I enjoy a cup of tea. I am currently reading Cocoa Beach by Beatriz Williams. You can follow along with my current reads and reviews here.


6 Minute Diary: The 6 Minute Diary is set up to be filled out every morning and night. A great way to start your day filled with gratitude and reflect on the goodness of the day and how tomorrow could be better. I love having this be one of the lasts things I do in the day.

31 Prayers for my Husband: I’ve read this book so many times I’ve lost count. I usually start over as soon as I finish it. It is a great way to pray for Andrew and my marriage, especially when I am at a loss for words to say or unsure how to convey my hopes and wishes for him. It is something I recommend to all of my married friends.

Other Favorites

A few other books hat I often turn to when I need guidance, comfort or redirection are The Boy, the Mole, The Fox & The Horse, A Simplified Life, & When Less Becomes More.

If you are looking for a way to add structure, focus and gratitude to your day I highly recommend giving some of these books a try and creating a daily morning/evening routine for yourself. Take time to sit with yourself and find comfort in words of encouragement, hope, and purpose.

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