Recent Reads No. 2

I had finally gotten back into the habit of regularly reading last year. I was doing GREAT until about October when I got super sick with this pregnancy and just didn’t have the energy or motivation to read. If I had a break all I wanted to do was sleep. But once they new year rolled around and I was finally feeling like myself again I made it a goal to read a little bit everyday. I’ve powered through quite a few books so far this year so I thought I would share some of my most recent reads.

The City Bakers Guide to Country Living (4/5 Stars)- This was like Gilmore Girls in a novel. Small town, quaint inn, and talk of the most delicious baked goods. This one had me itching for visiting a cozy Vermont Inn. I can’t wait to read another by this author.

The Bookshop on the Corner (4/5 Stars)- Set in the Scottish Countryside, this mobile little bookshop took me right back to my time in Scotland. It was a pleasant read filled with colorful characters. Perfect for curling up with a nice cup of tea.

The Lost Wife (5/5 Stars)- This was a book that I truly couldn’t put down. It had been a while since I read a book that I had to race through so quickly. The story was heartbreakingly beautiful. I cannot recommend this one enough.

Truly Madly Guilty (3/5 Stars)- I would say skip this one. It had so much build up throughout the story but I was very disappointed in the turn of events. It also felt far too long for the storyline.

A Simplified Life (5/5 Stars)- I will be sharing a full review of this book along with another Emily Ley book I’m reading. I really loved this one and it helped me get motivated to organize and declutter the house. My goal for this year is to be more intentional in my day to day life and this book really helped set the tone and get in the right mindset.

Cocoa Beach (3.5/5 Stars)- I was a little torn on how to rate this one. I felt like it was kind of slow to start. It didn’t get very interesting until the last third of the book. There was also a cliff-hanger ending but no sequel in the works so I’m feeling a little “unfinished” and frustrated with this one. It was an interesting storyline but long and slow at times.

What’s Next On My List

I have a loooonnnngggg list of books I want to read and a pile a mile high on my bedside table. I think my next two reads will be Whispers of War by Julia Kelly and The Vietri Project by Nicola DeRobertis-Theye which is the latest book pick for Margaux’s Book Club ‘Footnotes’ (if you want to join the bookclub, RSVP here).

If you are like me and love to read and always looking for another good book to pick up then I definitely recommend making a Goodreads account. You can connect with friends and see what they are reading and check out their ratings for previously read books. You can find my account here for a brief overlook at everything I’ve been reading lately!

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