The House Shoe I Wear Everyday

I’ve never been someone who enjoys being barefoot, even indoors, and since I was raised in a “no shoes inside” household I regularly wore slippers around the house and still do. Once I had Jack and started staying home I realized that I was wearing down my slippers pretty quickly. I also just didn’t feel “put together” or ready for the day wearing my fluffy moccasin slippers. I needed something that resembled everyday shoes to help me feel completely dressed and something a bit more durable than traditional slippers.

Last Mother’s Day I decided to try Birdies. Shoes designed with the comfort of slippers, perfect for wearing out and about or staying in. I immediately loved them. They really are as comfortable as slippers while still being durable and providing support. While I reserve mine strictly for at home wear they are definitely supportive and comfortable enough to be worn outside of the house as well.

They have several great styles and even just released a machine washable pair that I cannot wait to try! Already planning to take these to the hospital with me this June! The pair I currently wear the most is the Starling Loafer (pictured below), but I also love the Phoebe Slides.

Regardless of whether you plan to wear them at home as slippers or out of the house as an everyday shoe they are absolutely worth it! You can snag $20 off your first order using this link here!

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