Maternity Style: 3 Non-Maternity Pieces Getting me Through Pregnancy

During my first pregnancy I really struggled to find maternity clothes that I liked or felt comfortable in. I only had one piece that I truly loved. It made getting dressed everyday a challenge and my self-esteem quickly deflated. So this time around, I am trying to avoid maternity clothes and focus on pieces that will work during pregnancy and after as well.

Today I am teaming up with my friend Lauren to share our favorite non-maternity pieces we are wearing during our pregnancies. Visit her blog and Instagram to see her picks!

Cardigan/Sweater Blazers

As my stomach begins to grow and light layers are still needed I know I will wear plenty of cardigans or my favorite sweater blazer. For right now I am able to wear them with my regular plain t-shirts but as my bump gets bigger I will get a couple maternity t-shirts to wear underneath. This has pretty much been my uniform lately. I already had plenty of cardigans and they are pieces I genuinely enjoy wearing making me feel good about getting dressed during pregnancy. I’ve linked all of my favorite cardigans here, along with a few new finds for spring too!

Outfit Details: MANGO Floral Embroidered Cardigan, Gap T-Shirt, Madewell Maternity Jeans, Margaux Demi Flats (Get 10% off with code LIVINGTAYLORED10)

Oversized Fit/Menswear

Lately I have been relying on my favorite looser fit and over-sized shirts. I know some of them may not fit me through all of pregnancy but for now they are perfect. My favorite is the Striped Sheep Isabel shirt. The relaxed and oversized fit of the Isabel is perfect for a growing bump. Menswear is also a great option for pregnancy! You can bet I will definitely be borrowing a few of Andrew’s button downs and sweaters to get me by! Luckily, the oversized fit is very popular right now so there is no shortage of options out there. These kinds of pieces will be great for a growing bump and super comfortable and cute post-baby as well. This top from Tuckernuck is a new favorite that I know I will wear all throughout my pregnancy and after too. I see why its so popular right now! All of my favorite oversized pieces are linked here!

Outfit Details: Ralph Lauren Men’s Oxford, Madewell Maternity Jeans, Margaux Demi Flats

Side Button Tops

This style may not be for everyone but I recently discovered this top from Sezane that buttons down the sides. The buttons are functional meaning it can be worn unbuttoned for a looser fit making it very convenient for a growing bump. This style isn’t super common, making it a bit harder to find tops like this but I have rounded up a few of my favorites here!

Outfit Details: Sezane Striped Top, Madewell Maternity Jeans, Margaux Demi Flats

Maternity Staples

While I am focusing on pieces that I can use throughout my pregnancy and also wear and love post baby, there are a few maternity staples that can’t be avoided. During my first pregnancy I never found jeans or pants that I really loved but this pregnancy I have loved these Madewell maternity jeans (lighter wash here). I also stocked up on a few basic t-shirts to wear under cardigans or pair with pajama bottoms. These ones are so soft, great quality and inexpensive (V-neck version here).

Now that I have a toddler I find myself on my feet a lot more this pregnancy. Between running around with Jack, walks, housework, etc. it’s important to be in comfortable shoes. My most reached for pairs are usually my Margaux flats. They are easy to slip on, go with nearly everything (wearing them in all the pictures above) and are very comfortable (Get 10% off your first Margaux order with the code LIVINGTAYLORED10). I also love my Rothys for easy and comfortable shoes to slip on for the day (you can get $20 off your order with this link).

Bonus Pieces

There are a few pieces I have my eye on for warmer weather, but I haven’t personally tried them during pregnancy myself. But this dress from Tuckernuck seems like it would be perfect for a growing bump in the summer and then during recovery on warmer days too! I can see myself throwing it on for afternoon walks with Jack and the baby. In fact, Tuckernuck has an entire section dedicated to pieces that are maternity friendly and I’ve linked all of my favorites from the collection here!

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