Winter Weather Favorites

DSC_0127.JPGWith about 7 official weeks left in the winter season I know there are still several cold days ahead of us. Especially living in the Midwest I know that we could be dealing with winter weather well into the end of April. It may sound miserable to some, but I love it.Snowy Day1.jpgHaving the right gear for winter weather is key. This year I have been fully embracing layers, fleece jackets and cozy socks for extra warmth. Living somewhere that frequently has subzero temperatures along with the occasional snow or ice storm, investing in the appropriate winter gear is important.DSC_0126Since it doesn’t seem like winter weather will be going away anytime soon I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces for the season to help you enjoy (or at least tolerate) those cold and snowy days.

Down CoatDSC_0118.JPGI had been searching for a proper winter coat for the past 2 winters and this year I finally found one I liked. I wanted something durable, warm, and responsibly/ethically sourced. I know so many people recommend the Canada Goose jackets but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much. So after lots of searching I found the Patagonia ‘Down With It’ Parka and knew it was perfect.Snowy DayThe down is ethically sourced and the shell is made of 100% recycled polyester. The coat is also “bluesign approved” which means it was sourced with sustainable textile production. The coat keeps me incredibly warm even on the coldest of days.

Fleece JacketDSC_0128.JPGAs someone who is perpetually freezing I have a plethora of fleece jackets and pullovers that I wear regularly throughout the year. Weather wearing it on its own as a light jacket or layering with other pieces they are perfect for extra warmth. My favorite jackets and pullovers are from Penfield (as worn above, last seen here), Patagonia (as seen here and here) and LL Bean.

Winter BootsDSC_0131.JPGSnow, slush, ice and rain are a constant during the winter in Nebraska. from November to March I rarely wear anything but a pair of winter boots if I can help it. The two that I wear regularly are my Hunter Boots & LL Bean Boots.

Hunter: These aren’t traditional winter boots but they are great for trekking through rain and slush. They aren’t made to be warm boots but you can get inserts to make them warmer. They are truly great year round but I especially love them in the winter.

Bean Boots: I also wear my bean boots regularly in the winter. They are warm and sturdy making them great for both snow and ice. Just like the Hunter boots I wear these often throughout they year from fall to late spring. As worn here and here.

Warm Socks

Again, as someone who is always freezing, warm socks are my best friend in the winter. Truly, my feet are usually popsicles no matter what I’m doing so I try to stock up on warm socks to wear out or even just around the house. The camp socks from LL Bean are super cozy and are a great addition to any winter boot.

Down Coat: Patagonia | Fleece Jacket: Penfield | Shirt: J Crew, old (similar here and here) | Jeans: J Crew Factory | Boots: Hunter

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