2018 Intentions: January Reflection

img_2540Wow, we are already one month into the New Year! At the beginning of this year I shared my goals and intentions for 2018. In 2017 I had set monthly goals to help keep motivated and work to improve throughout the year. This year I decided to set a few broad intentions and then review each month and set smaller goals for the next month to help me to continue to improve and grow in those areas. So now that we are at the end of January I wanted to share an update on those intentions and what goals I can set for February to help me continue to improve. You can read about my overall intentions for 2018 here.

Health: Mental & Physical

Reflection: I definitely improved from how 2017 went in terms of physical health but I still have a lot of room for improvement. I want to really make exercise and eating right more of a priority.

Intentions: With the above in mind, this next month I am going to focus more on exercising and clean eating. My goal is to work out at least 4 times a week + one day of yoga and eating healthy 5 days a week.


Reflection: Date night just didn’t happen for us this month. I’m not sure if we were just busy or did a poor job of planning.

Intentions: This next month I want to make sure we have at least one date night out. We are also starting a cooking class together which I think will be a great way to learn together and spend quality time with each other.


Reflection: I tried my best to be better about housework this month and I think I did a fairly good job. Despite the week that we got hit with a stomach virus things have remained fairly tidy and organized.

Intentions: I want to continue organizing each room in the house and doing a small purge of what we have. Such a refreshing and helpful way to stay organized.


Reflection: I created a budget at the beginning of the year (I will share more on that soon) and have been trying SO hard to stick to it. I said I was going to cut back on shopping and eating out and while I wasn’t extremely successful in that area (I still ate out a few times and bought a few things here and there) I still managed to meet my budget and savings goal for the month. Let’s hope I can do the same the next 11 months!

Intentions: I would really love to go this month without eating out (except for our one date night). I know this will be a huge way to cut back on expenses and stick to a budget.

Taking time to reflect on your goals and re-assess each month is a great way to remain focused and determined. It also makes it seems a little less daunting when you take it month by month rather than thinking about a whole year at a time.

How are you goals/resolutions going for this year? Any tips/tricks you use to stay motivated and on track?

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