Bundling Up For Winter

DSC_2025.JPGThe holiday season may be over but winter is just getting started… at least here in Nebraska where we can expect at least another 2 solid months of extremely cold temps. I have lived in Nebraska for most of my life but it hasn’t been until the past few years that I actually started to enjoy winters. Throughout high school and most of college I planned on moving somewhere warmer. Not necessarily somewhere that is warm year round but at least somewhere that has much less extreme winter weather. However, somewhere around my Junior year of college I fell in love with winter. Between the holiday season, beautiful snowy days and the abundance of warm drinks and cozy soups, what’s not to love?DSC_2034.JPGI have been trying to enjoy as much of this season as possible with lots of tasty soups for dinner, much to Andrew’s enjoyment, and evening walks in the crisp cold air, much to Andrew’s dismay ;). Last winter I would have never dared take evening walks in such cold temps, but now that I finally have a real winter coat I am enjoying my time outside (yes, I know I’m crazy for living in the midwest and not owning a “proper” winter coat).DSC_2037.JPGDSC_2028Now that I am able to properly bundle up, Winter seems much less treacherous, even the subzero temps. Whether I have to bundle up or not, I am going to enjoy this wonderful season. I know the next several weeks of winter will include lots of soup nights, warm drinks and cozy movie nights.

Coat: Patagonia | Scarf: Similar | Sweater: Similar | Jeans: JCrew Factory | Socks: KJP | Boots: LL Bean


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